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Joomla! text extractor
beta v0.08 2014-08-09
With this tool you extract your articles from a Joomla installation or from a database export file. This is useful if you can't access the Joomla backend or if the articles you need only exists in a backup file.

In detail: alias, title, introtext and fulltext are extracted. The output is ordinary text in block format, and the alias is used as header. ASCII, ISO-8859-1 and a bunch of other character encodings are converted to UTF-8. HTML tags are not stripped. Please note that the extraction does not include comments, nor custom HTML module contents and such.

This tool is free to use.

Privacy note: your supplied material is not stored on disk, nor is it monitored. If you'd prefer encrypted access here's an SSL version of this page.
Welcome! Usage: enter prefix (in most cases) - select input source (database or file) - select output destination - go! It's recommended to use database as source since it's more efficient even if your .sql file is small.
Database Enter connection variables for input database.
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DbUser DbPass
Or file Select input .sql file.
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